Blown away…

“I have been blown away by all of the information that you have on your site and especially in your podcasts. I have watched so many young guys and women come into the job and start out so bright and within a few years seem to carry a dark cloud with them. This is not fair to them or their families or to themselves. They need to live a full life and being equipped to deal with situations that are stressful is the beginning and should be a foundational building block of our training programs. I wish I had it earlier! I think there needs to be more tools so that what makes a good responder doesn’t harm the persons other-side of life and also enhances their ability to deal with situations at work because they have more bandwidth to think laterally. My wife says that she hasn’t seen me this excited about something in a very long time if ever, it has clearly struck a nerve.”



I'm just a guy who's done some sh!t and had some really awesome opportunities - none more important than the chance to truly discover WHY we do, WHAT we do, WHEN we do it. I've worked across the Fire Service, U.S. Army and CIA. At the core, I’ve dedicated my life to discovering what separates success from failure. That's what OPMINDSET is all about.

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