MINDSET RADIO is a product of The Operational Mindset Foundation and supported through private donations, grants and our amazing sponsors.

THE OPERATIONAL MINDSET FOUNDATION was created in 2019 for the purpose to prepare the men and women who choose to place themselves in harms way every single day for the benefit of others.

We recognize the impact on you, on your family and on those around you, that comes from a life of service. We believe there is a better way to be prepared to navigate the situations, missions and life you find yourself in.

The Foundation provides training and services through partnerships, grants and private funding to Fire Departments, Law Enforcement Organizations, Emergency Responders, and all branches of the U.S. Military.

For more or to request training, please visit us at opmindset.org and complete the grant applications.


Brute Force believes in functional strength and blending traditional fitness with unconventional training methods. That’s why we created a variety of gear and training with an emphasis on unstable, shifting load. Our gear is battle tested from the Box to the front lines of the US Military, and is as tough as it sounds.

UNSTABLE LOAD TRAINING: the ability to unconventionally move or lift an odd object or unstable, or uneven load efficiently and effectively.

The lab geeks call this Neuro-Muscular Coordination…It’s a good thing, and you definitely want it. 


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Are you ready to prime your mind?

Let’s go on a mindset journey together! By taking the first steps to prime your mind, you will gain access to the same visualization techniques that are used by the world’s most notable phenoms.

Mindset coaching combines the elements of meditation, hypnotherapy, and life coaching. The Primed Mind App creates a structure that is aimed to help you achieve your goals.

Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques

Life is about balance. Often, the most productive thing you can do is relax. Meditation and mindfulness techniques will allow you to reduce anxiety and stress and you will learn from your past and live in the present. With these techniques it will help you stay in the present and you will reach a state of clarity more easily. Your mind will be fully primed and you will gain the focus and the overall health to achieve your goals.