From Operational Mindset to Scenario Development and a deep dive into the crucial aspects of Leadership in the Operational Environment, the MasterClass Series offers you more depth, greater expansion and the ability to learn at your pace!


Each class is designed to meet a 12 to 25 hour learning criteria which includes course videos, reading materials, worksheets and integration assignments. Take the courses the way you need when you need. Each course is completed with an evaluation of lessons learned and includes a course certificate.


The OPMINDSET series will be opening up later this year as we are transitioning to a nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization. All online programs will now be available via sponsorship opportunities or through donations which support the deployment of these programs.

If you would like to learn more or know when these programs are available or how to take advantage of our scholarship opportunities, please contact us through this website and we will provide you all the necessary information.


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Operational Mindset (OPMINDSET):This course has been taught to over 5,000 men and women across the fire service, military, US State Dept, CIA and law enforcement agencies at all levels. It is the next level of learning in the evolution of street smarts and situational awareness courses. In this course you will learn:

  • How to assess all aspects of yourself, the situation, the environment and others around you
  • How to manage your physiological response to stress
  • What happens mentally, physically and emotionally during high stress moments
  • How to prepare for high stress situations and integrate back to normal life


FROM ACTOR TO ARCHITECT (The Operational Leaders Course): This course is designed to support you in your transition from the streets to your role as a leader. We highlight the challenges of transitioning from actor to architect and take a deep dive into becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader. In this course you will learn:

  • How to identify the expectations of those you will lead
  • How to transition from actor to architect
  • Core aspects of Emotional Intelligence
  • How to assess impact and adjust accordingly
  • Methods for being an innovative leader


THE ART OF RECOVERY (Developing an operational resiliency): This course is designed to provide you the tools, knowledge and resources to effectively meet and manage the challenges that come with your given profession. Delivered in a dynamic, conversational tone, this course will show you how to create moments of recovery and develop a persistent resilience. In this course you will learn and understand:

  • The difference between recovery and resilience
  • Methods for integrating recovery in every moment
  • Methods for developing a high state of resilience
  • How to communicate safely and effectively
  • How to recognize when you’re out of “your zone”



The TPI series is a group of MasterClasses (mini series) that may be taken all together or individually culminating in the TPI Certification. This program has been taught to many in the military, fire service and law enforcement agencies who find themselves in training roles. It was designed to support a deeper understanding of human behavior in high stress environments and develop training programs to support advancement beyond the fundamentals. If you are or aspire to serve as an instructor, training officer or leader in the development of your people, this course is a MUST HAVE. Here are a list of the individual courses making up the TPI Certification.


Program Architecture:

This course is designed to provide an understanding of how to develop a behavioral training program that is sustainable and produces the results you want.

Defining Performance:

This course will take you through the process of how to define performance objectives criteria in both tactical and behavioral models.

Scenario Development:

Learn to develop scenarios that will mimic real world situations and provide you with a clear assessment of your people. You will learn to apply the HPLP (Human Performance Learning Protocol) in every aspect of training.

Behavioral Assessments:

This course take a deep dive look at the fractures and failures of performance, what they mean and how to mitigate them through applied training.

Behavioral Factors, a human response:

This course dissects human response to a variety of factors and evaluates the human response to various stressors.

Bio-Feedback, A look Inside:

This course is designed to provide you the best methods for utilizing bio-feedback systems in your training and how to develop data models that advance your programs.

Analysis & Review: 

This is one of the most important courses in the TPI Certification. Here we will provide you a unique process for conducting high-value analysis and review of training events that will ensure learning.


This portion includes various assignments and a one on one integration evaluation of the principles and practices. This course is required for certification.


Please feel free to join our facebook group via the OPMINDSET facebook page. Here we discuss the ongoing issues, provide support and connect outside the structured learning environments.