Nick Wignall

Nick Wignall

Hi, my name’s Nick Wignall. My goal is to teach everything I know about how to use psychology to create better habits and achieve our goals.

Nick's Mission

To take the best ideas from psychology and behavioral science, explain them in a friendly, approachable way, and illustrate how we can use them to better achieve our goals and aspirations.

Sounds lofty, yeah?

It definitely is. And if I’m honest, I’m a little intimidated by it. I’ve got my own struggles and insecurities, so trying to help others work through theirs can be daunting, for sure.

But as a psychologist and therapist, what I do every day is help folks who are struggling apply good ideas from decades of psychological research to their own uniques lives in an understandable and effective way.

My site is all about doing the same thing on a bigger scale. Because while not all of us need therapy, everyone can take advantage of the insights and techniques of behavioral science to better achieve their goals.